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Vehicle Log.

Specific operation matters involved in whole vehicle logistics business of Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd. are undertaken by Whole Vehicle Company. At present, the Whole Vehicle Company has about 1,200 employees, mainly manages whole vehicle businesses of 6 whole vehicle items and 4 subsidiaries and possesses 9 whole vehicle factory warehouses and 5 main transfer stations. The commercial vehicle storeroom area owned and managed by it reaches 1,900,000m2 (400,000m2 owned). The quantity of storage and shipments reached 1.5 million sets in 2012.

1) Content and Distribution of Whole Vehicle Logistics

Currently, the whole vehicle logistics of Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd. mainly includes commercial vehicle storage management, shipment management, program planning & design and value-added services, and the existing whole vehicle logistics business is mainly distributed in Chongqing, Nanjing, Dingzhou, Wuhan and other cities.

2) Capacity of Whole Vehicle Logistics

Existing controllable transport capacity of Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd.: 4,000 articulated vehicles, 26 roll-on-roll-off ships, 500 drivers and 1,000 monthly available railway containers. The annual transport capacity of whole vehicle is 2.4 million sets.

Chongqing Changan Minsheng Boyu Transportation Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd. It now has 100 articulated vehicles and 202 drivers. Moreover, it has set transport network point in places such as Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. By the year of 2015, the quantity of its self-owned vehicle will reach 200, and the number of its drivers will increase to 410. Chongqing Terui Transportation Service Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd., and now it has 30 articulated vehicles.

Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd. has 11 large commercial vehicle roll-on-roll-off ships at present, which accounts for 75% of Yangtze River’s transport capacity. Currently, its monthly water transport capacity exceeds 35,000 sets. In 2014, it will successively have six 900-frieght-space roll-on-roll-off ships, with newly added water transport capacity of 15,000 sets.

3) Management Information System Platform of Whole Vehicle

The company established the Changan Minsheng Management Information System Platform for Whole Vehicle Logistics (TMS) in 2011; the platform is mature and reliable, taking the lead in the industry in China. The platform realizes information sharing among Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd., carriers, main engine plants and dealers and achieves resource integration & deployment of each base and uniform control of transport capacity.

4) Future Development

Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd. is gradually making and forming a nationwide logistics network distribution based on bases, transfer stops and wharfs, so as to form a transport-capacity-assured safety system with main shipment methods of road, water and railway transport.

5) Serve Customers and Partners

With several core advantages in whole vehicle logistics, Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd. is willing to create win-win benefit with large main engine plants and logistics companies.

a. Provide supply chain integration service of whole vehicle logistics.

b. Create nationwide transport capacity network distribution, set several transport modes to assure supply, and have transport capacity advantages of Yangtze River commercial vehicle roll-on-roll-off ship.

c. Possess mature and reliable whole vehicle management information system with leading advantages, and have a whole set of advanced management practices and operation procedures.

d. Have a mature whole-vehicle logistics management team with over 300 persons, and possess successful management experience in several whole vehicle projects.

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